What Have I Learned?

I am learning to walk the Bridge of Sighs in my own Hell. No matter how the path hurts my feet, I am trying to cross to the other side on this bridge which is thinner than a strand of hair and sharper than the sword’s edge. Doesn’t everybody go through similar trials in their lives? Don’t they also  try to cross their own Bridge of Sighs? Every darkness has its own light within, like the day dawning from the darkness of the night, like a pregnant woman giving birth to her new beginning. Instead of being afraid of and avoiding the darkness, it is better to learn from its virtues and develop our own wisdom.

The road to Heaven goes through Hell and they both exist in this world, in our lives. Death is one’s return to his place of birth. Death is for the freedom for our soul trapped inside our body in our lifetime. As Alexander the Great willed after his death that one of his hands be kept outside his coffin meaning that we leave this life empty handed without being able to take anything with us. Then why are there so many inflated egos? What we call the reincarnations of man is actually the purification of the soul in each of the steps of our learning. As we ascend through these steps, we are purified striving to reach for the Ultimate. It is a kind of life promoting itself towards a higher realm.

I have learned the secrets of this purification:

  • To love everyone and and everything in life,
  • To forgive everyone and everything in life,
  • To overcome one’s ego’s demands and make them ineffective,
  • To accept that we are part of the Universe and protect its precious gift,
  • To be able to see everything as the representation of God reflected in his wisdom and understand His Special Gift,
  • To understand that the beauty and the ugliness, health and illness, wealth and poverty are all there to test our endurance and will to go through,
  • To be able to purify our souls to discover our being and our purpose, and understand God, as we try to comprehend His Infinite Wisdom,
  • To understand our place in Creation and with this knowledge then be able to melt in God’s Brilliant Light of Infinite Compassion.


I have found my Path, to be able to go further, I request from my God the Virtues of Knowing and the Compassion of Understanding.

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