To Love

No one can love me as much as my Mom: Every day, she feels the pain of sadness for me, crying quietly if she doesn’t see me for one day.

No one also would love me like my sister Zerrin does: She has split her life between home and here, trying to help everyone.

And no one would love me like Sinan: He totally has dedicated all his life to my needs. He is by my side every moment and tries to hold on to his loving care like the grains of sand, slipping  through his fingers.

And no one would love me more that my Creator: He sees me and with me every moment of my life …

Whoever told me that they cannot bear to see me like this, are all correct in some way. In this kind of situation, one has to be in peace with oneself, in order to be able to help another. They have to feel the love in their hearts. They have to be feeling complete with their families, and their children, and have to be free of fear. And all these feelings require a beautiful and vast heart of compassion and love, and it is this that is always hard to attain.

And some are still estranged with their children, and how could they understand and help me.

When they have told the crow that her droppings are medicinal, she then went and lay it in the sea.(*)

Note from Translator: (*): This is a Turkish proverb, meaning that even though you can be helpful to someone with a little or no effort on your part, you choose not to do it because of your uncaring nature.

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