The Genius

If my mother would have gone somewhere without telling Zerrin, my sister, she would have cried for hours. For that reason, she never left my mother’s side and I have never left hers.

We always travelled like a mother duck with her ducklings. One day we were sitting under the Mulberry Tree. It was around the evening hours. The landlord’s wife came by and begged my mother to attend to a crisis with their cow. She thought the poor animal was dying.

Mom got up, and she went there with us in tow.  They had accidentally tied up the poor cow in a clover field, and she ate more than she could handle, bloated and unable to breathe and having convulsions. After Mom had positioned the people in a safe place, she asked for an empty bottle. She broke the bottom off the bottle and shoved it into the cow’s rear end. The poor animal was running around the garden like a crazed animal and releasing a whole lot of gas and leaving her droppings all over the place. After  about an hour, the cow relaxed and calmed down. And they removed the bottle. The poor animal was saved.

Another day, we were sitting in the garden and observed the chickens walking around dazed. Mom said that these chickens might have eaten insects that had been affected by pesticides. She went into the house and came out with a large sewing needle and some thread. She made an incision just below their necks over their chests to release the pressure and clean the insects from their gizzards. Then she stitched up the opening. The chickens recovered and carried on with their lives.

If Mom had any education, she would have definitely been a doctor.

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