l was sick and tired of suffering from Personal Support Workers. I lost my hope. Nothing was going to change. We were not going to find somebody who cares for me. I hate same of the behavior such as people hurt me but they are not interested to care for me. They hurt me a lot of time because of incapability to perform their job and carelessness. Unfortunately we the patients suffer. Taking a shower was my nightmare. The day before I was getting much stress about who is going come that day?

Anyway, one day l cried too much and l wish God to send me a good person. God heard me. One morning Rochelle come. She is beautiful. She has long black hair, her eyes darker than her hair. She has a lively voice, good attitude; she is kind, smart and friendly. She shares my loneliness. She is trying to understand and help me. She needed too much patient but likely she has enough. Her heart is like gold. Sinan and l love her treat her like our family member, like our sister.

Thank you God.

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