Young Plane tree woke up in a rush. Sun had already risen. He groomed himself and got ready. Spread his seeds on the ground. After some time, Mother Earth blessed three of them and gave them back to the tree as seedlings. The Plane tree looked down and couldn’t believe his eyes. In it’s shade, three young seedlings were looking up at him. He got very excited and happy. He immediately named them Ayhan, Ceyhun and Mustafa. The children, like the keys of a piano were all a different colour and harmony, forming a piano as a whole

They all grew up slowly and wide like the Juniper tree,

 Were once a drop of dew, became streams meandering through.

 At times with the fresh waters of the Ceyhun River,

 at times in the in the Sun’s scorching heat they persevered like seeds of the grains.

 Together they completed the piano,

as they accomplish  their purpose of existence.

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