Open Letter to the Resentful

In life, the one thing a person cannot give up is his or her child, and the one thing that the child cares about above all is his or her parents. While our one foot is at the present moment, and knowing that time is precious and dispensable, why then do we hastily waste time unconsciously. . ?

Instead of mourning after the ones departed, we should learn to forgive. Actually forgiving is from God, and all we need to do is cleansing our hearts from the unnecessary clutter. Even the Devil makes us feel remorse after enticing us to do his ill will.

Now, if your son or daughter calls out of the blue and tells you that she missed you and love you unconditionally, wouldn’t you reach out for her hand and caress her in your love of your heart’s compassion?

Yesterday is lived and gone; Tomorrow is yet to come and unknown. But the existence of Today is in our grasp and our view. We should appreciate the value of Now. I am sending you the manuscript of the book I am writing.

With my hopes to be understood, please know that every letter is put there with my eyes’ willing hardship.


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