Note to Sinan and Zerrrin 1

Sinan and Zerrin, I am telling you that you both look and behave like desperate birds that have lost their directions and are trapped in a room, flying from wall to wall hitting all sides trying to find a way to get out of there. You are doing all you can, even looking for answers from the tiny mustard seed. Enough already, stop worrying about me and don’t do anything else. Do you think I am feeling sorry for myself, do you? Ha ha ha!

One comment on “Note to Sinan and Zerrrin

  1. bill_murray Apr 16,2013 12:20 AM

    This, alas, is my deep regret… and I don’t know how much time and space will permit me to re-dress it: I just wish I could be at least more occasionally & usefully supportive of your two desperate angels. IN the meantime, if i don’t crash for the evening… i’ll be no use to them or anyone else tomorrow. Good night. Tomorrow…

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