My Uncle Turhan

I have an uncle, named Turhan, a mighty cedar tree hidden in the reflection of God

Even a single strand of his white hair shimmering in the sun will host wonders of mysterious secrets

Treasures of undiscovered pearls are hidden in the depth of the horizons of his eye

And only when you discover the hidden meanings in his words, you will enter the world of Alice

Conversations with him are like dancing with the phosphorescence of the seas or running among the colourful coral gardens

My uncle is like a deluge of knowledge pouring like wine from the most beautiful grapevines

The more you know him, the more you realize that he turns himself to the sun casting his shadow behind

Like the abundance of fresh air on the mighty mountain peaks

Like the sheaths of wheat waving in the wind, saluting the four gates of the world

In short he is a world within a world, my uncle Turhan.

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