My Sister, My Zerrin

My dearest sister, my Zerrin, my life, my heart, my arms, my wings, my mother, my father, my dearest friend, reason of my existence. My God has given you such compassion that its depth and its vastness cannot be measured on any scale. I wonder how many centuries you have travelled through that you reached this maturity. You are as generous and as giving as the seed of caring affection like Mother Nature, which in every day with itself dug, pushed, piled and carried from place to place and still gave birth to life generously.

What could be a person’s fortune? Money? Health? Fame and Fortune? Status in life? Or is it being a Human in harmony with one’s body and soul? How fortunate I am, for I have you and my husband Sinan with me. Two incredible persons with deep compassion that will never leave me abandoned in my loneliness.

May God be generous with all people and give them the love that you gave me.

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