Mommy Dearest

My Mom, with her green eyes like precious gem stones, with the wrinkles on her face of her life’s marks for raising her seven children.

If you look at those wrinkles from close, you will discover and see the joys and sorrows of her years passed, as they nestle among them.

You can discover her pure innocence in the depths of her eyes.

My Mom, my source and my reason for being, let my life be my sacrifice for you, please don’t shed any more tears.

My Mom, who learned to read the holy scriptures at the age of seventy years old as her faith began to show on the expressions on her face.

My Mom, as she has surrendered her young brothers’ bodies to the bosom of the earth when they died at their very young ages.

A woman, complete in her faith, with her trembling hand will be waving good bye again to her child’s coffin.

My heart crumbles into pieces, for I have caused you more pain as if you haven’t gone through enough in your life’s long journey.

But as you so well know, the soul is for God’s keeping and the body shall return back to earth and nothing we do will change that.

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