Live Together, Die Alone 1

Today is the last day of the holiday, and aside from Zerrin and Ceyhun, nobody has called. Who knows who is left there? Don’t I have lots of cousins, who could have called Sinan and shown their support by being with us in thought? Don’t I have brothers and sisters? Are you in such dire situations that you couldn’t spare a little time? Shame on you all, you couldn’t be like Sinan’s 73 year old uncle, who has been calling regularly three times a week, asking how we were, sending pictures and interesting articles he has collected from different sources. Where the hell are you all? I see you as Rabbits. Rabbits, because they have ears like donkey’s, teeth like rat’s, hind legs as camel’s and fore legs as sheep, totally disproportionate, and who are afraid of their own shadows, and without any self confidence and character. Like you all. Let this be my holiday gift for you. I don’t feel any closeness to you all anymore.

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  1. bill_murray Apr 15,2013 11:32 PM

    As I said to Sinan, I’m disappointed in myself for not being more supportive and in touch.

    It’s been about a year since I came by for coffee… and I can’t say I don’t know where it went, unfortunately, I know just where. The confluence of a contract in the US, unexpected deaths of 2 family members, a serious injury to another, preparing for the retirement of my intellectually disabled brother, and so on… BUT – I should have called, written, etc… but every time I almost did, I’d hesitate feeling that you had enough on your plate without listening to another family’s tales. As it dragged on and I was just embarrassed!

    Now – though – I‘m just humbled.

    Thanks so much for the kick in the pants,


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