My brother had just returned from his military service. And it was my last summer before I started school. And my cousin was visiting and staying with us at the time. In those days, my brother was reading the popular newspaper and every day, I always went to the store to get it for him. That day, my friend Yildiz and I went together to get the paper. When we returned home, she blurted out to my uncle that on the way back, a bunch of kids had called me names and I responded back to them in not such a nice manner. Until this day, I can’t figure out why she behaved that way. My brother got up, grabbed my ear, and pressing and twisting it so hard that it started hurting me. And as I showed my pain, he kept saying that it would hurt harder if I cried any more. My left side felt numb and I felt practically no sensation. I couldn’t cry. And when he let go of my ear, I ran behind the house to the neighbor’s yard and cried long and hard. Nothing has changed today as it was then. My punishment was the result of his judgment within the family. It wasn’t fair then, and it isn’t fair today. For that reason and with that incident, my brother has always stayed out of my life.

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