I was a pomegranate, fell to the ground and scattered;

My pieces became the stars in the night sky;

The wind blew, clouds collided and the thunder roared;

I became the lightning, the thunder and reigned over the earth;

I have burned and scorched where I have touched;

Then became rain, soothed and put out the fires that I started;

It was me as the one that destroyed and also me the one that fixed it all.

Oh my dear heart. . . What is this conflict, indecisiveness and absence of meaning?

As my heart knows that good and evil reside together,

And it is the mind that separates them and their duality;

Find yourself among the rich layers of your mind!

Plow your fields, sow your seeds;

Open all the doors and the windows of your soul,

and let the generous brilliance of the sun into your being;

Grow, bloom, and mature and let your perceptions expand;

Let your greed and envy be for the mighty brilliance of more light;

The routes, the distances and the ignorance should bow their heads in respect,

For the inspiration that they would get from your vision.

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