I Wish All Could End The Day I Was Born 1

Wish I could die on a beautiful spring day, May 25th, the day I was born. The gentle breeze shall drop petals of spring blossoms of pink and white to cover me like I saw in my dreams. May the songbirds holding each other’s wings like a wreath, sing their sacred song over my soul. May the spring flowers, trees and all creation salute my body with their respect to my existence. Wish the Mother Earth open up her arms to receive my body as I experience the happiness of returning my loaned soul to its owner, the Creator.

One comment on “I Wish All Could End The Day I Was Born

  1. bill_murray Apr 16,2013 12:02 AM

    The blossoming of a new Spring is such a bursting chaotically colorful time — washed with warm bursts of rain & electrically charged infusions of life… of laughs, joy, and limitless opportunity…

    How could you not to be part of that re-birth.

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