I Have Travelled This Road Before 1

I have walked through sand deserts, sand storms burned my eyes. I have been cursed by the sun, my lips chapped like popcorn. I am drying out like the date palms trimmed from the top.

When I was a child there were gas lamps, and my sisters tried to read with their dim light. There was a poem: “ I was a child, I was little. I played ball and was hungry, I found a plum on the ground but a deer ate it” I don’t remember the rest of it. I don’t know why but my mind replays this constantly.

I have crossed the snow covered mountains. My bones shivered from the bitter cold. As I watched my foot-steps in the snow glittering like nature’s crystals, I felt the damage I caused to this beauty of nature, my toes felt like falling off from the bitter cold. 

As I passed through the untouched wild forests, I felt my skin bitten by spiders. The plants hugged and held my legs begging me to stay.

I came to a plain, saw a crossroad where I remembered that I passed in tears when coming to this earth without knowing where I am heading.

And now, again I will be passing by this path without knowing my destination.

How many more times I wonder, will I be crossing this way?


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  1. bill_murray Sep 13,2013 8:49 PM

    It appears that we all travel paths previously traveled – be it by many or a few – but each of us uniquely experience each path. It’s rather like the talk of parallel universes or parallel dimensions — we have unseen companions along each path, but we each perceive the path and the presence of those fellow travelers thru the lens of the choices we make.

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