For Sinan 1

You are the eagle on the unreachable peaks, that welcome the dawning Sun every day,

Like the rite of spring at the flat plains of Harran,  you are the blossom as the fire of fertility.

You are the Red River that feeds water to heaven with your  galloping stallions,

You are the willow tree, under whose branches the caravans rest.

You are the phoenix re-born from its ashes.

Perhaps you are the happiness symbol of a rainbow of the heavens that carry every instance of now, the bread, the belief and the protector, in your name: Sinan.


Note from the translator: Writer was employing the play of words:

an: Now, the instance
nan: Bread, Food for survival
inan: Believe
Sinan: Protector





See the Turkish version’s last sentence

One comment on “For Sinan

  1. bill_murray Apr 22,2013 11:06 AM

    To turn the pun on its head, might it also be true that the protector’s belief sustains our instance?

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