For Sinan

I looked at the mirror and I saw you, and in you I found the Universe.

How gracefully God has created you; in your childish innocence.

I feel the warmth of cotton fields radiated from your black pearly eyes;
Your eyes reflects all you have within like a movie screen,
Of course, They are speaking the truth, all exist with its opposites.

Without our ailments, we would not value our health; and without the ugliness, how can we appreciate the beauty.

It is You, the noble eagle saluting the sun as you fly over the mountain of Qaf!
And You, the one who crosses the four directions of North, South, East and West with eagerness to explore the seasons as a short sample of our lives;
And You the shelter of all living beings, knowing the reason for their creation;
And You the the great completeness that become ambers of fire or cold as ice as needed.

We are your simple parts as you are the beauty of the whole.

In the reflection of your eyes, I find, the innocent naturality of the fields of daisies, the maturity of the violet that bows in humbleness, the delicate beauty & sensitivity of the orchid.

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