For My Soul Sister

I met my friend Fatos around the years 1989-90. We were employed in the same division of the company where we worked together. She was in the Data Entry Department while I was a section chief of the Planning Department. She was a quiet type, while I was the active and the wild one. We were each other’s opposites, I think, because of this difference, I tried for quite some time to win her friendship.

Every Wednesday, near where we worked, there was a market set up. And every Wednesday at noon, I begged for us to go the market. Sometimes she went with the idea, but at times she used her “too much work”, as an excuse to cop out from my insistences. Afterwards, for some reason that I can’t remember, she stop talking to me. For a few weeks or maybe almost a month she didn’t talk to me, pretending that she was totally distant. I went to her and asked if she was still not going to talk to me. She replied that she wouldn’t. I grabbed her head and started messing up her hair with my hands, turned off her computer, mixed up the papers on her desk and asked her again if she was still not going to talk to me. “Okay, you crazy girl, we are friends again” she replied. Since that day, we were never ever to be estranged again and always would be at each other’s side.

My dearest Fatos. To be very close friends, we don’t need the blood connection but the bond we have in our hearts. I know very well that you are sad for me and your tears show your pain. We may affect the path of our fate, but cannot change it’s destiny. Our days will reach their purpose and so shall our destiny be fulfilled. Whatever is in our fate, will be. As long as I shall be in this world, you not only have the piece of my loving heart, but will be treasured within all of my being.

My special friend, you reflect the wonderful colours of life’s treasures like the brilliantly cut diamond held against the Sun’s bright rays.

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