Dancing With the Angel of Death 1

I am dancing with the Angel of Death. Nothing much yet, but he stepped all over my feet and crushed them. I tell him that I feel like the caterpillar that is about to transform into a beautiful butterfly. He tells me that when I turn into a butterfly, he will accompany me to my destination. I also told him that I will welcome his kind company with joy, as we wander off together to our destination. Then I asked him if he would come to meet me with a smile. Instead of answering me, he winked at me. I thought it meant a YES.

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  1. bill_murray Apr 16,2013 12:13 AM

    A “wink” implies a sense of humour! Who knew!

    I just read Stephen King’s “The Wind Through the Keyhole”… an absolute delightful collection of stories to accompany the much larger Dark Tower series. Before reading the whole series, I’d little interest in his earlier horror fascination. These earned a whole new respect.

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