Company Driver

I went to get some merchandise with one of the company drivers. It was a bit of a distance. He was about forty years old, came from the eastern part of the country, and a very nice man. As we were driving, we talked, switching from one subject to another. He told me in confidence that he bought that car with the loan he borrowed from the company. But they loaned it to him in American dollars. And the value of the dollar had risen so much that the amount he ended up paying turned out only to be the interest. He had talked to his boss, asking him to accept his payments in the local currency, and he had declined to do so. He also added that his whole family including the kids could only afford to eat meat once a year. At that moment, I felt like a knife pierce me, in my heart, my back or my chest. I just felt a sharp pain. I had three vows that I needed to fulfil . I offered one by helping him immediately that weekend and the other two for the next two months, trying to help him as much as I could.

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