With her gazelle eyes, your beautiful stare, purity of demeanour and with all these reflecting on your soul, my dear and beautiful friend! There are a lot of virtues to remember when the name Ayca comes to mind, but the most important of them all are the great conversations we had at dinner tables.

When I was on assignemnt in England, I was stayed at Ayca every Friday night. Every Saturday, we used to get up, get ready and go to a nearby cafe which had delicious sandwiches for coffee. After breakfast, we used to stop at the nearby Farmer’s Market and thereafter go to my place. I cooked the dinners and Ayca usually prepared the salads. I’m not much of a drinker, but I always have a bottle of wine for her and as she sipped, we used to have our great conversations.

One weekend, after our breakfast, Ayca, with excitement in her eyes, told me : “Come. I want to take you somewhere!”. I went to find out that my dearest friend, just because I didn’t like the frozen kind, had gone through the trouble of finding a place that sells fresh fish.

We bought our fish and went home. Rolled up our sleeves for the feast! While the fish was cooking, we got the table ready. At the same time, we put the pumpkin pie in the oven, and sat down to enjoy our dinner.

Like always, we talked and talked jumping from subject to subject and during this time we forgot about the pie. Although the oven was nearby, we didn’t even smell the burning pie. When we realized, it was way too late. The kitchen was filled with smoke.

It took us a long time to clean the kitchen and get rid of the smell.

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