The Backyard of Time

Pages you are about to read is written by using a device called Dynavox Eyemax+, which was given to me by the Assistive Devices Program by the Government of Ontario, and allows me to communicate by using my eye movements. The device tracks the movement of my eyes – just about the only thing working in my body – and allows me to point to a letter on the screen. A blink will click the letter. So there it is, a letter is written. It is suffice to say that all you are about to read is created one click at a time. You can imagine the hardship I endured putting this material together, but my hope is to reach the masses.

Happy reading for you all, I would love to hear from you, and I encourage you to comment on the articles.

This material was originally written in the Turkish Language. It was translated into English by a good friend of mine, Mustafa Caycik, and further editing was provided by my dear Toronto Hospice volunteer Vivien Cohen. I can not thank them enough for their tedious efforts to make this happen so that English speaking people have a glance at my feelings.

French translations credits goes to Rüçhan Akkök and further editing was done by Sofie. Because of their generous support their personal time, Francophone people also has a glance of my writings. Thank you so much Rüçhan and Sofie.

I also posted the Turkish version of the articles since despite all efforts to translate without losing the meaning and the feeling, it is impossible to get the exact nuances. For you to be able to read and appreciate you may have to learn Turkish and the Turkish culture which is not very likely an effort that you would undertake.  If something you read does not make sense, it is probably something lost in translation. Please let me know and I will try my best to explain it to you to enhance your understanding. Some words and/or phrases in Turkish beg for a paragraph of explanation, needless to say.

Zehra Akbag Madenli

I love you all.