Apologie 1

Dear friends, Perhaps you have been wondering why there are no more posts since last week or so. My translator is on vacation in Spain (hıııımmmf) for a few weeks. I posted all that I have translated. I continue to post on the Turkish side. İf you are using Chrome, you can get Google to ...

Four More

Please find more postings under “The Backyard of Time” The Genius; For Sinan; Piano; Two Page Book. Zehra

Three Mind Twisters

Please find the followings under “The Backyard of Time“. Canan; Zerrin; I Travelled This Road Before. Enjoy. Also Check out my Gallery. I posted more pictures there.

Next Batch is Here!

Please find more postings under “The Backyard of Time“. Justice; I Missed My Mom; Magnolia; Which One is Harder?; Company Driver; My Uncle Turhan; July. Enjoy.

More Posts, More to Come

Please see my recently posted pages under the “The Backyard of Time“. For My Soul Sister; Note to Sinan and Zerrrin; Tired; Trying to Understand; Crying is Forbidden; Sinan the Dearest.

At Last

Hello Friends, At last we started to load up the site. There are more work to be done but at least you can start reading now. Under the “The Backyard of Time” you will see a drop down menu for all the added articles. Please do not forget to register. When you register, system will ...

Hello 1

Hello Friends, We are currently in the process of establishing this blog site. Please be patient, content will be uploaded soon. Thank you.