Tree Planting Event

There was intense work going on at John’s school. That week was Tree Planting Week. For the past a month, their teachers started a campaign called “Every Child is a Sapling”. The children were told how every tree was so important in nature.

And the teacher said: ”Children, the trees bind the soil tight and prevent landslides. They keep the air clean by taking in carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen. There is usually more rainfall over the areas where forests grow. Trees are the habitat for different kind of species. We make pencils, paper and many different things from the trees.” And the children rehearsed poems. John, that evening, told all he had learned that day to his family.

Next day, all the children traveled by school bus to the place where they were going to plant the saplings. It was very crowded, with many other students and the adults accompanying them. Everybody planted their sapling carefully. Time just flew by so quickly and they all got back on the buses and returned with happiness and satisfaction that they had done their duty of planting a tree successfully.

And John promised himself that he would do this every year.

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