The Winter

It snowed a lot lately and it had covered everything and everywhere like a white comforter. Two mountain goats raced to the peak of the mountain and stop to look down. It was snowing so beautifully, it looked like a thin lacy curtain hanging from the sky. All over the trees were covered in snow. The herd of deer were in difficult situation for becoming visible now. It was getting difficult to find something to eat, at times almost impossible. But the scenery from above was so beautiful, no picture or painting could compare. There were white partridges which were difficult see among the white snow cooing they were there in the picture even they were difficult to see easily. In the distance there were the wolves howling meaning that they were having difficulties too.
There was thin line of smoke coming out the chimney of the mountain hut across the hill. That meant that uncle Harry was home. Many animals knew him and liked him. His place has always been visited all winter long by everybody. All summer long he worked and harvested hay and filled the barn for the winter. He always shoveled the snow in front of the door with his snow plow and like every other time spread the hay on the ground. He also spread some grain, he collected all through the summer, among the hay. Then with his hands over his mouth, he sounded deer calls.
Every deer that heard the sound started to move towards it. When they reached the hut, they surrounded uncle Harry, and together they moved towards where the hay and feed was. Thanks to uncle Harry, the deer had overcome a difficult winter day with food and his kindness.
Wonder who will now have the turn to get fed?

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