The Lavender

The lavender opened her eyes. How wonderful day this will be. How beautiful is the spring. She looked around and saw that everybody was busy doing something. The birds, the squirrels and the flowers, are all beautiful.
Lavender thought that she was the favourite around there, looking at herself, grown and beautiful with lilac colours and incredible fragrance, everybody admired her.
Last year, the climbing rose that they planted near her, felt a bit jealous. Afterwards when the rose found out that she was shorter, her jealousy had passed. She was amazed seeing her chatting with the apple trees with pink and white blossoms.
They put in front of her three crates of flowers, specified where they should be planted and started planting them. Lavender felt emotional with tears in her eyes, thinking what if they stopped loving her. She looked at the flowers. All of them were young and beautiful. She felt confused.
She waited a bit for them to finish their planting. The owner of the house said: “This is my lavender. I love it a lot with its wonderful fragrance” Lavender was happy and ashamed at the same time.
Straightened her hair and said in a clear voice: “All of you welcome! Welcome to your new home. Now we are a big family and together we will be happy!”

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