The Forest

The elder Turtle at the summer school in the forest had just retired from teaching. The king of the forest, the Lion had to choose a new teacher among the other animals in the forest. Everybody had lined up with their resumes at the Lion’s door.

After interviewing each one individually and looking at their resumes, the Lion chose the Flamingo as the new teacher. And he announced his decision to the others that he has chosen her because of her knowledge of different countries and that she could speak Flamingo and English.

The classes had started, everybody was very happy and learned new things everyday. One day, The Flamingo walked among the desks and inquired about what the children were eating for lunch. She asked them to come with their parents the next day. Everybody was worried that they had done something wrong.

The next day the Flamingo told the parents: “The wolves eat only meat, and they have to eat vegetables also, such as broccoli, carrots and tomatoes. The Rabbits should get protein from mushrooms and chickpeas as well as their carrot diet. The Turtles cannot run fast without eating spinach. Also, all the children should eat one egg every morning”. She continued, “Everyone of you should learn and like to eat fruits such as oranges, apples and bananas too”.

Everybody turned to each other and shook their heads thinking that she was right. The Lion was very glad with his choice after what he had heard from her and sent some flowers to the Flamingo for his gratitude.

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