The Elephants

Little Ellie was sitting under a tree watching workers emptying fruits and vegetables from a big truck. This place was the sanctuary for endangered animals for their protection. There were doctors, nurses, care takers and lots of volunteers working there.
Last few days little Ellie was very excited. Her and her family have been on the move in search of water. It was scorching hot. Also, there were three new babies with the herd. They couldn’t move fast. Parent elephants formed a security circle around the babies and move together that way. They stopped on a sandy opening under a group of trees for shade. Couple of experienced elder elephants began digging the sand with their trunks. With the little water they managed to extract, they satisfied the thirsts of the baby elephants and continued their way. It was very hot and they were hungry and thirsty, and because of the babies, they couldn’t move faster. While they were crossing the thorny bush, they heard a cry. Little Ellie, accidentally stepped into an old trap. The elephants started screaming. And the rescuers came to save her out of the trap and brought all of them to the sanctuary.
Sadly little Ellie ended up losing one leg below the knee. This place was very big and there were food and water. Everybody seemed happy. Except little Ellie. Now time had come to make him feel happy. They were going to fit the artificial leg for her. After a few tries, they placed the limb and now she can run and walk without any difficulty. Even at times, she got a chance to play ball with her caretakers. She finally got her leg back that she had lost before and felt very happy!

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