The Dream

Today is Saturday. The whole school gathered in the garden. All of us around 12 students. First time we were going for a picnic with our teacher. Everybody showed up with their lunch pails. After the teacher had the attendance by calling everybody’s names one by one, we start marching down the road singing songs.
All of us were excited. As we were walking the narrow paths over the hills, we saw the roof our school. As we passed the big hill, our teacher, as she was showing the big willow tree, told us that we were going to stop there for a break and rest.
It was lunch time and everybody brought out their food and placed them on the table. All kinds of food, cheese, eggs, yoghourt, honey, jams, fresh bread . . .All of us ate and happily filled our tummies, told stories, read poetry. Our teacher told us about the schools in big cities and asked us to keep our dreams alive.
I thought, what if my dreams are too big and where would I put them, will they fit the cupboard? I asked: “Teacher! Where can I keep my dreams?” And the teacher replied: “Kids, your dreams would know where they stay and when it is time they would remind you of their existence”.
It was time to go back and on the way we all had our dreams in our minds.

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