The Doctor

Group of foxes who were studying medicine at school were sitting under a tree and talking. Everybody had to prepare a research project. Red tailed fox couldn’t decide which subject he should do. That day, when he was going home from school, he had bumped into a group of wolves playing football. And all of a sudden it dawned on him that he should do his research about the wolves.
He started his project with great excitement. After school, he usually volunteered at the clinic and continued his studies through many books. And on the weekends, he was going to the old age home for the elder animals and spent his time reading to them. Time was passing so fast and the time to hand over the homework had come and pressuring him. Red tail fox had written: “Based on my research, a kind fruit which was hard to find where we lived, helped the wolves to get better from their ailments. Although this fruit had a terrible taste and the wolves could eat it without difficulty. It cleansed their digestive system from the unwanted parasites and the droppings also flourished into new plants afterwards. We had sent few wolves to the place where this tree grows, and we were trying to facilitate the possibility of growing it here so the wolves here would be healed sooner and better.”

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