The Ant

The Ant had her purse on her arm was walking hurriedly. She stopped when the mosquito shouted behind her. Mosquito said: “What is your hurry? I have been shouting behind you for some time now and you didn’t hear me. She apologised and told him that she didn’t hear him. And said :” With the children and the grand children, our house is getting too small for us, and I was going to the cafe nearby and wanted to talk to some recently graduated architects there. Thought that they can build something for me cheaper”. And the mosquito replied: “ and last night, I was hit with a pesticide spray”. And the ant replied:”But you always go and harass people when you have such vast space to go around”. The mosquito walked away a little upset with the ant’s remark. And the worm nearby commented that they always had to hide not to become food for the birds and complained about the fly’s indignant ways. And the ant replied: “Please stop complaining. Everybody has a different way of life. Don’t pick on each other. Come on, I had to go now!” and continue her way.

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