Mother Squirrel was running up and down the tree restlessly. The Rabbit happened to be passing by and called out to the Squirrel: “Hello my friend! What is your hurry?” Squirrel paused and with her hands on her waist: “Oh, am I ever tired! I am expecting babies, and soon I have to move to a bigger place. So I am running around and looking for one!”. And the Rabbit replied: “I have to go and get a few carrots, the kids have asked for carrot soup. I’ve got to go as it is getting late!”

As Rabbit went on her way, she came across the Hedgehog and told her that Squirrel was expecting soon and may need some help. Next day, the Hedgehog, the Rabbit, the Duck and the Deer with the Racoon went out to collect acorns, walnuts, apples and peanuts to take to the Squirrel and buried them all under her tree.

The Hedgehog called out to her and said :”Dear Squirrel, after you give birth and have your babies, we do not want you go searching for food. So we have brought you some.

Squirrel was so touched, thanked each one of them separately, and all the animals returned home happy and satisfied with their accomplishments.

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