Pear Tree

The seed of the Pear Tree dropped to the ground and just about to get up and stepped on by a passerby. And it also got covered by the debris that the wind had dragged on. He tried to get out from under the debris, but couldn’t make it out. It got dark and he started to get frightened. He tried again but no luck. And he also felt tired and decided to stay and fell asleep.
He didn’t know how much time had passed but he woke up with a sharp pain. He panicked and realized that there were changes happening in his body. He felt that his skin was cracking and a new green growth was showing its beginnings through the opening. He looked around and saw the others also going through the same transformations. The time had passed and our little pear seedling grew and became a young tree. In the spring, with beautiful white blooms looked like a new bride. Two weeks later, with the wind and the prevailing rains, he had lost most of the blooms. But replacing each bloom was a fruit of pear with its own seeds in each one.
The pear tree though by himself, how he was a little seed, then became a young seedling and now a full grown pear tree. Thought that he was full of fruit and each one will start a new tree with the seed that would fall on the ground. He was proud that he was one and became thousands. He looked up to the candidates of new fruits on his branches and smiled.

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