No Name

It was the last few days of October and the Sun had packed his bags and was ready to leave. The flowers outside the door were saddened and wilted. And the Sun had seen them and told them that it was enough already, that they have been acting like that every year and told them to look at the trees and how they behave by shedding their leaves but without complaining or giving up and always coming back every spring, stronger with more leaves, refreshed and feeling rejuvenated.
I went near the flowers and gently touch them and tried to console them. I told them that they cannot spend the whole year standing up out there, but they had to relax, lie down and sleep to get some rest. The earth also told them, to get going without wasting any time. She said that she had so much to do, to clean up, to carry their seeds to better irrigated and more humid places for them to grow as seedlings. She said she had to sort some as fertilizers and compost them. She had to open up little canals for the water to seep towards the tree roots when the snow has melted. She had to store up extra nutrition in the pantry. She told that previous year, the snow didn’t melt for a long time and the worms had run out of food and started to chew on the root balls of the tulips. And she said she was in trouble with the Sun, who got upset at her and so, she decided not to make the same mistake this year again.
I grabbed a cup of tea and sat by the table by the door. I didn’t know the earth had this much work to do every year. I had a glimpse at the chrysanthemums happily playing. Pink one shouted: “We are the youngest children of the Sun. We will be back in a little later. Mother Earth knew about us!” Because of that I told them I didn’t but I saw their beauty. I felt a bit chilled, so it was my time to go in the house too.

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