Mehmet was looking out the window in the living room. It was snowing gently outside. Right across from their house was a large botanical garden open to the public. Mehmet noticed that the trees with all their branches had lost their leaves. The bird nests on the higher branches were all visible now. He saw on a television program that people were going to other cities for work. Maybe the birds were coming here for the season too, he thought. The trees were wilted and were waiting for their tenants to come and have their homes for their babies here.

Mehmet thought how beautiful this place was. The garden had a big parking area and in front was a pedestrian walk about, six feet wide. Both sides of the walk were lined with rows of colourful flowering shrubs. They usually bloomed by April. There were tulips, roses, lavenders and many more that Mehmet couldn’t name. The people visiting the garden, usually took many photos of those beautiful flowers and the colourful butterflies flying all around them. There lingered usually the wonderful smell of freshly brewing coffee from the cafe to the right of the entrance. When they visited there, his mother had a cup of that fresh coffee and Mehmet had fruit juice with a slice of delicious chocolate cake.  Down the gentle slope, on the open green fields, brides and grooms usually came for wedding pictures. The wooden bridges across the stream were so beautiful. Everywhere you could hear singing birds, as they, the squirrels and the beavers played in joy. He, even once, witnessed a falcon trying to hunt a bird.

He wished the Spring would come quickly. He asked his Mother to get a birdfeeder, so the birds who had not migrated would have food for the winter.

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