Little Fishing Village

This was a cute little fishing village by the seaside. Here, everybody knew each other and would greet and engage in little conversations when they met in the streets. When the fishermen returned from their fishing trips, they were always welcomed by the cats waiting for them on the docks. Michael’s grandfather lived in this village. Everybody called him Uncle George. Everybody in the village learned from his experiences and wisdom. Uncle George, because of his older age, was no longer able to go out to sea but fished from the docks.

Michael always spent his summer holidays with his grandfather. One evening Michael asked his grandfather to show him how to fish using a pelican. His grandfather asked him to gather a few of his friends the next day and they would go fishing together. Uncle George had learned to fish with a pelican from a Vietnamese friend some time ago. Michael, his friends, the pelican and his grandpa went close to the docks.p Uncle George tied a long rope to one leg of the pelican and the other end on to a long stick. He placed the stick tightly between the boards of the boat. He then placed a basket next to the pelican, and the pelican began diving into the water.Every time the bird emerged from the water, he brought a fish with him and dropped it into the basket.

The children were witnessing this for the first time in their lives and watching in amazement. Everybody seemed to be having a great time watching the pelican and now they all wanted to have their own pelican. Uncle George told them that they should concentrate on their education and go to school and later he would gladly teach them how to fish with a pelican. They seemed very happy and went off to play together.

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