Little Bear

Little bear woke up and looked around, the weather was perfect. His mom was still sleeping. He thought he could go hunting alone. He walked slowly towards the river and he stopped exactly where his mom used to hunt. He wanted to catch a fish but he wasn’t brave enough to get into the water. As he changed his mind about fish hunting, he slipped and fell into the water. Now he was all wet. With difficulty he climbed back up to the shore. He decided to follow the river and look for something to eat. Then he suddenly saw what he thought was a bee hive at the top of the tree. That would be an excellent breakfast, he thought. Climbing wasn’t easy but he managed somehow. Unfortunately, what he thought was a honey comb was just a bunch of dried leaves stuck to the tree. What a disappointment it was! He started to cry out loud. He just did not know how he could get down safely and was stuck there, helpless.

Mother beaver was building a new house on the river and she saw him crying. She said: “don’t worry l will be cutting the tree so you will go down with it into the river”. A few minutes later the tree was down and he was all wet again, as mother bear watched him falling into the river while screaming at the top of his lungs.

He was so happy to see his mom. He run to his mother and hugged him. Little bear said: “Sorry mom, l got soaking wet, l am tired and I am hungry. I promise mom l will not do this ever again.” His mother kissed him and they went hunting for a salmon together as he had already learned his lesson.

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