Zehra and Sinan had been thinking for a few days now, about what to buy as a birthday gift for Zehra’s sister Zerrin. And they decided to buy her a bird. On their behalf, Sinan’s brother, Hüseyin went and bought a budgie for Zerrin and took it to her.

It was a little baby budgie. Zerrin just loved the bird and named him Blue. She put out special feed, a water pool, and a swing for the bird. Every morning Zerrin opened the cage’s door, Blue flew around the house and when he was hungry or tired, he returned to the cage. After a while, Blue became part of the family and joined Zerrin and her Mom at breakfasts.

He picked on feta cheese and bread, and did not leave the table without tasting green olives and sipping some tea. After breakfast, he enjoyed flying to the top of Zerrin’s Mother’s head and staying there for a while. We are waiting with curiosity to see what else this bird is going to do. Probably soon Zerrin will be looking for a partner for him and then we will have the opportunity to tell you their Love Stories.

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