ANKARA Library 2013 Story Competition, Jury Special Award 1

I entered to this year’s competition with three children stories. On Oct 20, 2013, I was informed that I was awarded a Jury Special Award and would like to share my happiness with all my readers.

Acceptance Speech:

Passed times are like a diary. Time to time we read them like a book. When we are wandering in the dusty pages; we encounter the dreams we always wanted to realize but never had time to, or could not do it for various reasons.

We yearn for the ones that are still possible to accomplish.

One of those times, when I was wandering in the past, with Mr. Birol Uzun’s suggestion, I encountered the works of Ankara Library. It was very exciting for me!

Unfortunately, I am an ALS patient. The only part in my body that I can make use of my eyes. But now I had a chance to present my work which I produce with a literally blink of an eye for each letter, comma and dot, to literature experts.

A new window opened in my world. You made me experience the feelings of plunging into the clear waters from the boiling ones, observing the colors of the rainbow after the rain or the happiness of the fireflies on a warm summer night.

Today, on a turning point in my life, I would like express my gratitude all the people at Ankara Library who organized this event and allow us to find the diamond in the rough within our darkness and turn it into a beautiful jewel.

I would also thank and express my gratitude to my husband Sinan who is a life of my flesh, jewel of my eye and never left me alone and support me to the max in this difficult journey.

God bless and may God be with you for all the good things you do for the community.


Media Coverage:  (Unfortunately, all Content is in Turkish.)




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  1. bill_murray Oct 31,2013 10:48 AM

    You both are such an inspiration. And thx to Google, I can get imperfect but still readable translations of the Turkish news items.

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