About Me

I am neither a writer, a poet nor I was educated in the field of literature. I am an ALS patient who completely  lost all the functions of my body with the exception of the movement of my eyes. These posts are my work as the result of my silent screams put into words. Before I decided to write a single word, all I thought about that it was my rebellion to my condition, sometimes accepted as it is, at times denied against it and was with the thought of things I liked or disliked.

All I wished was everybody accepting this, even though there could be distances between our lives or our understandings. Days of hardship define where we stand in our lives.

I wish to dedicate this book to the woman who all her life, unconditionally cared for me stood solid like an oak tree, cared for me in its shades, my Mother; the man who has never left me alone even a moment without his care and who is with his presence, my voice and my eyes, my husband; and the woman who against all the odds and the distances in between, still reaching and holding my hand, my Sister.

Zehra Akbağ Madenli